Throughout it’s history, approximately 110 billion people were born and have died on this Earth.
A few left a memory of themselves. There is no trace of the others. No one will ever remember them, as though they had never existed.
But a whole life has been lived, a personality and soul were created... Is that right, is that how it should be?!
Everybody should be able to leave a memory of himself or herself.
For centuries!

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Everyone has to save at least a little bit of themselves.


Tell your descendants about yourself!

The project is designed so that anyone can leave information about themselves and loved ones behind, backing it with photos and documents. Unchanged, it will be stored in our archive unchanged. Distortion excluded.
A few words about the storage. Yes, of course, for as long as possible on reliable servers of the world's leading cloud services. How else could it be?! But who knows what to expect tomorrow? Unfortunately, we are not immune to natural disasters, wars and other surprises. Therefore, it is necessary to seal all the information, among other things, in reliable capsules.
People have made similar attempts before. They tried to hide the capsules farther and deeper, poured them into concrete and even launched them into space.

Sometimes with such enthusiasm, that after a dozen years they could not find them anymore. As a rule, they contained a number of artifacts of that time, or a message to their descendants on behalf of that group of people. Unfortunately, these were always one-offs and unsystematic actions.
We propose somethings else.
Anyone who wants to leave a sort of business card about themselves or someone close to them behind, can do so in the form of text and images. The information will be engraved in micro font on the thinnest plate made from a special alloy on an ad hoc laser machine. Let's call it a Fragment. As soon as the Bits are received, they will be reliably sealed in special capsules, which will be installed at the central squares of large cities.

Each capsule will contain several hundred thousand to a million Bits. The fragment is timeless, a kind of tablet. Nothing is more durable at the moment.
In addition to the fragments, all information currently collected in electronic form will be placed in capsules. Thus, all data from the servers will be constantly updated, duplicated and stored several times in different capsules. There will be many capsules that will be filled and sealed several times. This is most important. Even if one of them is destroyed, for one reason or another, the rest will survive.
Placing information and fragments in the capsule is of course free of charge. Like this a lot will be kept.
Join now.
Stay in memory.
Forever and ever!

Visualization examples of Capsules for Osnabrueck


Support us


Without your activity, it's gonna be hard for us.
The first capsules will appear in the cities in the near future. And then you can apply for the placement of your individual fragment. We will inform you about the appearance of the first capsule. To do this, please provide your data:

However, a fragment in electronic form can be transmitted to us right now ›››
Extended information about yourself and your loved ones can be left on the website

We are looking for sponsors


We are a non-profit organization, and funds are needed to implement the project, for the manufacturing and promotion of the Time Capsules. This is a lot of money and we need it. Each newly installed Capsule will contain the names of our sponsors. Forever and ever!

In addition, the names of the sponsors will be published on the pages of our website. Considering how many people will see them - a good retaliatory step on our part. That's all we can do to thank you.

Financial donations of any size help fund our mission.

Please help us today ›››

Be our partner


Time Capsules should appear in every city. This will not happen on its own. Serious and painstaking work is required. It is necessary to coordinate with the mayor's office and obtain permission to install the capsule in the central part of the city. It is necessary to look for and involve sponsors. The capsules require care. It is necessary to inform people about the project. There is a lot of work to be done! We can not do without reliable and serious partners in the cityes. Of course it is not free of charge.
Is this your calling? Then send an application and be our partner!
In the application form please specify: your full name, your educational degree, language skills, address and contact information. Briefly describe briefly your work experience. Give information about your relationship with the local press and mayor's office, your vision for the future. Attach your photo.
Send the application form to this email: partner[@]

One day, you and everyone you love will die.
And beyond a small group of people for an extremely brief period of time, little of what you say or do will ever matter.
This is the Uncomfortable Truth of life. And everything you think or do is but an elaborate avoidance of it.
Mark Manson


Nina Yaralova ▫ Tbilisi, Georgia ›››
Katerina Baymaganbetova ▫ Almaty, Kazakhstan ›››
Sergey Borchevsky ▫ Saratow, Russia ›››
Dmitri Mugilov ▫ Moscow, Russia ›››
Johanna Prior ▫ Hamburg, Germany ›››
Sonali Pudaruth ▫ Berlin, Germany ›››
Sara Eustergerling ▫ Osnabrück, Germany ›››
@ajlkn ▫ Nashville, USA ›››

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